Balconies for the bull run

3 minutes, 850 meters, 6 bulls

A moment known in all corners of the world that only a few have the opportunity to experience live, do you want to be one of them?

The running of the bulls is, without a doubt, the most famous moment of the San Fermín festivities. Every day between July 7 and 14, at 8 AM, this ancient race takes place through the streets of Pamplona in which thousands of runners try to guide the bulls from the Santo Domingo bullpen to the Bullring. .

An unparalleled experience

Experience the San Fermín running of the bulls on a balcony

Enjoying a bull run with San Fermín Booking is much more than you imagine.


From the meeting point to the balcony. You have to get up early, because access to the bullfighting route closes an hour before.

Hotel pickup

If you book your hotel with us, we can pick you up. Ask us about it.

Local guides

He will explain the origin and history of the running of the bulls, and you will see from the balcony the previous moments: the organization, the nerves of the runners...


During the previous moments you will enjoy a breakfast based on coffee, juice and pastries.

Bull running

You will see the herd pass under your feet, enjoying a unique and unparalleled experience. A true privilege.

Repetition on TV

At the end we will see the complete replay on television, commenting on everything that happened.

Where will you be?

Balconies in Estafeta, Mercaderes and Santo Domingo

We have balconies (always on the first and second floor) on the main sections of the race, on the famous Estafeta and Mercaderes streets. We also have balconies on the stretch of the Santo Domingo slope , which, although less famous, offers  spectacular views and allows you to see the exit and hear the traditional songs to San Fermín.

The barriers are spaces in ground floor premises (bars or shops) from where you can see the running of the bulls at street level.

The barrier has a special fence, where you look out to see the bulls pass right in front of you. They have a height determined by the municipal regulations of Pamplona, ​​but the runners are a few centimeters below the fence. It is without a doubt the most spectacular way to see the running of the bulls and the one in which you will release the most adrenaline.

We have barrier spaces at various points along the route so do not hesitate to ask us about them if you are interested.

Why choose us

The best balconies in Pamplona

By location and height.

All our balconies have excellent locations, due to the part of the route in which they are located and by height (first or second floor) and perspective of the race. Not all balconies work and we only select the best ones.

By price and conditions.

As we are a local agency, our prices are more competitive because we do not have intermediaries. Furthermore, it is all totally legal and with full guarantee. We pay taxes and are authorized by the Pamplona City Council.

By experience.

We have been working in San Fermín for more than 25 years so that everyone can enjoy our festivities. Those who will accompany you on the balconies of San Fermín are expert local guides. men and women of Pamplona in love with their land.


Reserve your balcony online

14th of July Bull Run Balcony in Estafeta street

From: 150 

Last spots for July 14th Bull Run Balcony in Estafeta Street. Special price 150€ per adult.

Balcony for July 11th Bull Run

From: 120 

Last spots for July 11th Bull Run. Special price: 120€ per adult.

12th of July Bull Run Balcony

From: 120 

Last spots for 12th of July Running of the Bulls Special price: 120€ per adult.

Balcón Encierro Estafeta

Balcony for ‘Encierro’ in Estafeta

From: 170 

Do you want to watch the running of the bulls in San Fermín from a balcony in Estafeta Street?

Balcón Encierro Mercaderes

Balcony for Encierro in Mercaderes

From: 150 

Do you want to watch the Bull Run from a balcony on Mercaderes Street?

Barrera Encierro Estafeta

Barrera ‘Encierro’ in Estafeta

From: 140 
Come and watch the running of the bulls at San Fermín from one of the most special places in the world.
San Fermín Experience

San Fermín Experience: encierro + tour

From: 210 
Special package consisting of a balcony for the Encierro (Mercaderes or Estafeta street), buffet breakfast and guided tour.
San Fermin 2024

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San Fermín 2024

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