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San Fermín booking
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San Fermín Booking is part of Erreka Incoming Navarra, tourism professionals in Pamplona and Navarra since 1995.

In San Fermín Booking you will find all the tourist services we provide for the San Fermín festival. Our experience, our tourist excellence and the fact that we are a company from Pamplona, means that we can offer a series of services to enable you to experience San Fermín like any other Pamplona local. 

And if you want to get to know Pamplona and Navarre outside San Fermín, we have a multitude of tourist services all year round to offer you.

Personalized packages with hotel, balcony for the running of the bulls, VIP breakfast, tour in Pamplona and many other services.

Tickets for the bullfight, fireworks, restaurants, private transfers, souvenirs. All you need for the San Fermin festival.

Enjoy the most famous Fiesta of the world

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Choice your balcony for the running of the bulls

Running of the bulls balcony


First or second floor

Running of the bulls barrier


Ground floor

Running of the bulls balcony


First or second floor

San Fermín Experience

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Balcony, breakfast and tour

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Get to know the Fiesta

San Fermín

San Fermín

San Fermín

La Fiesta

Encierro de Pamplona

El encierro

Ernest Hemingway


Why us?

We are committed to quality and excellence in our services

We are locals

Nobody better than Pamplona locals to make you feel at home.

Long experience

25 years of experience in the tourism sector in Pamplona and Navarre.


In 2006 we received the distinction of Tourist Quality Commitment, in the destination Pamplona granted by the Government of Navarra.

Competitive pricing

Our prices are very competitive because we have no intermediaries.

We are a travel agency

We work with both individuals and retail agencies. We are authorised by the Government of Navarra.

Our reputation

Our good work and professionalism has earned us a great reputation among professionals in the sector, both in Navarre, Spain and abroad. 

Erreka Incoming Navarra

San Fermin Booking is part of  Erreka Incoming Navarra.

We are local and official guides of Pamplona and Navarra since 1995. Incoming agency since 2007.

We are specialised in guided tours in Pamplona, excursions around Navarra and commercialization of Vips tourist services for San Fermín.

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