About us

Active since 1995

Erreka Incoming Navarra is the first official tourist guide agency in Pamplona. We are a team of local guides who have been showing the Navarrese capital to tourists from all over the world since 1995.

Since 2005 we have also been a tourism inbound agency and create customized tourism products such as circuits to Navarra, gastronomic routes, incentive trips and experiences during the Festival of San Fermín.

San Fermín Booking is our brand for services in San Fermín. A section within Erreka, specialized and dedicated to creating a series of exclusive tourist services such as the online sale of balconies for the bull run, the “chupinazo” and much more.

We have a multidisciplinary team made up of tourism professionals with more than 25 years of experience. People from Pamplona who love and enjoy our land and our festivals. Locals who want you to expereince San Fermín as one of us.

Erreka-Incoming Navarra is the first official guide company in Pamplona and Navarra

In 1995 we were the first to create a local guide company in Navarra, at a time when there was practically no similar service in this area. From then on, the adventure of making visitors from all over the world discover Pamplona and Navarra began.  


Tourism Award 'Reyno de Navarra'

We are a team of professionals who love their work. As local guides in Pamplona and Navarra we love explaining every detail of the places we visit and meeting all kinds of different people every day.

During these years, new people have joined our team, who have made us grow as a company but always maintaining the pioneering spirit of the beginnings.

All of this has earned us the trust of sectors such as hospitality, transport, agencies, and various regional institutions that in 2006 awarded us the ‘Reyno de Navarra’ Tourism Award in its first edition.

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