Tickets for the bullfights

Buy tickets for the bullfights during the Festival of San Fermín

Do you want to see a bullfight in Pamplona?

The “Feria del Toro” is one of the most important bullfighting fairs in the world. With us you can buy tickets for the San Fermín Bullfights in advance. We offer tickets to see the bullfight from several spots. All of our seats are in the shade.

We also have tickets to see the Running of the Bulls from the Bullring of Pamplona .

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Buy tickets for the Running of the Bulls

Come and watch the running of the bulls in Pamplona from the bullring.

Watching the Running of the Bulls during San Fermín from the bullring is a unique experience. In addition to watching the bulls arrive, you will have music and entertainment before the Running of the Bulls.

At 8 am the Running of the Bulls begins, and after a few intense minutes the bulls and the runners will arrive to the bullring.

After the bulls enter the bullpens, the release of the heifers is another impressive show.

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You can buy tickets for the bullfights or for the Running of the Bulls with us. We manage the purchase of bullfight tickets in advance.


The bullfights are a very popular event in Pamplona.

The tickets for the most popular bullfights sell out quickly.

It is important to purchase tickets in advance to avoid problems.

We have balconies to watch the Running of the Bulls in San Fermin.

We have balconies in the best streets of the route: most of them are in Mercaderes and Estafeta streets. All of our balconies are in first and second floors, so you can enjoy the most famous bull event in the world. A unique experience.

San Fermin Booking - Balcony for the Running of the Bulls in Estafeta street

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