Pobre de Mí balconies

Pobre de Mi Pamplona

Our balconies for the Pobre de Mí will allow you to enjoy the last official act of the festivities. It will bring the Sanfermines to a close by singing the famous “Pobre de mí, pobre de mí, que se han acabó las fiestas de San Fermín” (Poor me, poor me, the San Fermin festival is over).

With the handkerchief still tied around their necks and carrying a lit candle in their hand, the thousands of people who congregate in front of the Town Hall await the moment when the mayor or mayoress comes out to the balcony to address the public, officially ending the fiestas.  The people of Pamplona will be summoned to a new date with the Chupinazo the following year.

To enjoy this moment we offer you our balconies in the Town Hall square.

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