Open Ceremony Balconies

Alquiler balcones Chupinazo Pamplona

The Chupinazo (Open Ceremony) is the act that starts the festivities. It takes place in the Plaza Consistorial. Thousands of people, with their red handkerchiefs in their hand, crowd the square waiting impatiently to tie their handkerchiefs around their necks. When the Town Hall clock strikes 12 noon, a rocket is launched from the first floor of the building. This is the official start of the San Fermín Festival.  “The most awaited moment by all the people of Pamplona”

It is a massive event and the Town Hall Square is not as big as it seems. For that reason and to offer an alternative to those who want to follow the Chupinazo in a privileged way, we have balconies to enjoy the hand of a local guide, a unique and unforgettable experience.

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